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Case Study

Ulta Research gets the ultimate efficiency upgrade with Panelfox

ULTA Research
Location: USA
Founded: 2015
Employees: 12


  • Our last database tool
    couldn't program surveys
    or communicate with respondents 1:1
  • SurveyMonkey generated survey links, but there was
    no way to hook it into our panel
    or the study itself
  • We had to call, text, or email through our own systems when it came to recruiting -
    all the communication was siloed


  • Easily able to bulk upload sample to Panelfox as primary panel management tool
  • Panelfox is the communication hub between respondents, recruiters, and project managers as well as allowing them to see what is happening in real time.
  • We love collecting live video recordings from our respondents

Big Wins

“For me as a business owner, and for my administrators, it
opens up 40% more time
- a breath of fresh air.”
“SMS (texting) feature enables us to
recruit twice as fast
, instead of using our personal phones.”
“We now have ability to take on more projects, so
our business has grown exponentially

Key Results


increase in efficiency


faster to fill a project


increase in business

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