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Gary Reynolds
Hagen Sinclair Market Research
"Panelfox is a game-changer. It's very intuitive, easy to set up, and everything is in one place. So far, there is nothing that this platform has failed to accomplish."

Customer case study
Molly Ebdon
"We’ve been able to take on 40% more studies. I don’t even think I could put into words how much time Panelfox saved us. It’s completely changed the game for us."

Customer case study
Thom Blake
"Our recruitment process is totally streamlined. Everything from screening, emailing, reminding - everything. We now take on more projects, email less panelists, and have a much more engaged community."

Customer case study
Meg Ferrill
Nimbly Insights
"The real home run is the team at Panelfox. They lead their interactions with curiosity, care, and a sense of integrity that I don't get with all vendors. They feel very much like a partner, which I believe gives our team an edge."

Christy Harper
End To End User Research
"This product has allowed us to streamline our recruiting process. Before Panelfox we used a database, our gmails and a survey tool but nothing was integrated. This allows us to better manage our recruiting in one place."

Marcia Cubitt
ULTA Research
"Exceptional. Panelfox is extremely responsive and works hard to find solutions that work easily with our workflow. It has increased our productivity and we can take on more projects than we could before due to Panelfox."

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Find the right people
Build and manage user profiles to better understand your panelists. Collect answers in surveys, update details from your database, and track participation all in one location.

Panel Management
Ensure a human connection
Respondents are humans, not currency. Panelfox makes it easy to personalize and automate recruitment emails/SMS at scale or 1:1. Treat your panelists with respect and never miss a response or question.

Email & SMS
Automate basic tasks
With automations in Panelfox say goodbye to manual entry and headaches. Create personalized processes, branded communications, and integrate with your existing tools to fill studies while you sleep!

Stay organized
With Panelfox you can track communication with panelists, see study statuses and see the speed with which your team works! Gain momentum and make recruitment a breeze.

Project Management

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